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April 28, 2014


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She's a cutie. I love her little outfit. What did you carve? And HOW did you carve the plastic? The freckles are adorable and I love her bright read lips. :)


Hello Lisa!

She IS a cutie isn't she!

I carved the nose to round it, the nostrils (she didn't have any), the groove under the nose that leads to the top of the mouth and the mouth of course extensively! You have to use caution and all the will in the world to carve the plastic. Also you can use wood knives, x-acto knives, random little things you find in your drawers... you get the idea!
I will definitely do it again. I love making faces : )

Alexandra Audrey

She looks so pretty! I love everything you did and her clothes are so sweet! My sister would go nuts for this.


Hi Audrey,
glad you like it!



She's adorable! I was just admiring her picture in Ravelry - I adore her, the photo and how you styled it, her outfit and of course cute beret :) thank you for such a sweet comment on my first Blythe post!

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